Ad hoc Consulting

We provide our clients with High-End ad-hoc consultancy. We have various IT consultants that continually does R&D in their field of expertise. Often clients need to consult with these specialists to ensure their decision is the most appropriate for their organisation or that they are on the right track. They often need to know where the industry and technology is going.

Our consultants have had the following recent engagements:

  1. A client was well into implementing their Business Intelligence program. They needed to know what the latest technologies are and where the BI industry is. They felt that talking to vendors often they receive a bias view. As part of our value add service, we would bring in our AI/BI specialist that spends part of his day in R&D in this area. He would spend two hours with the client as a free service from QLC. If additional time is required by the client, we would then engage in a formal agreement.
  1. Often clients are contemplating upgrading their software. If we have done a similar upgrade for another client before, we would bring in that consultant for the client so that the client may pick up the lessons learnt from the previous experience. A popular case is the DBA upgrades.
  1. Some of our clients have implemented Project Offices (PMOs) but often cannot see the business value they thought they would derive from it. We would then bring in a PMO specialist that understands not only the PMO processes and procedures but also common products being used.

Our services include full service, or individual resource solutions based on the client need, or resource required to satisfy the most flexible business models.

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