This is the process of outsourcing certain skills or responsibilities to only one external vendor. In this case, we may offer the service of maintaining a system that was already in place. This is done in collaboration with the client. This is a great way for clients to gain access to the expertise and resources of QLC while still maintaining management and decision-making responsibilities over the project. This way the client is able to fill in gaps in internal expertise and save time, money, and effort in recruiting additional staff. For example, a client might develop software partly internally and outsource part of the development to us.

Currently all non-core applications of a well known corporate has been co-sourced to QLC. We provide the First, Second and Third line support. Needless to say we also enjoy first right of refusal on all local smaller projects.

The expertise includes, Management, Architecture, Development, Testing and Call Centre resources.

Our services include full service, or individual resource solutions based on the client need, or resource required to satisfy the most flexible business models.

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