QLC IT Resource Solutions offers a full range of innovative services designed to meet the specific needs of our customers. We use best practices proven by industry. These services include providing the right IT specialist to meet the business need in a financially competitive way whilst maintaining sustainable quality. We provide IT teams, Pools of IT Specialists, Individual IT specialists and support services in way that works for our clients.

QLC has extensive experience finding the ideal life style for the IT specialist. We also have extensive experience in matching the client’s service requirement with the life style of the consultant. As part of our acid test, we are physically on site every fortnight to visit the client and consultants as a pro-active rather than re-active approach. We ensure that the contractor adheres to the company’s objectives and strategies through having regular service assessments with both the client and the consultant. We provide specialist contractors at competitive rates. Our consultants will also testify that they are enjoying good rates for their trade.

We pride ourselves at being extremely flexible in our business models. These are models that fit the individual project needs. We do not have a one-price-fits-all policy. We do not believe in flat fees, as this has proven not to be in the best interest of the client. Our margin percentages are also not cast in concrete, as the more senior contractors enjoy higher rates whilst the client’s rate still remains palatable. We ensure that our clients enjoy lower percentages to keep the total cost to the minimum. Our referees will pay testimony to the above.

Our services include full service, or individual resource solutions based on the client need, or resource required to satisfy the most flexible business models.

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