Program and portfolio Management

Program andportfolio Management

Our ICT Portfolio Management Service is concerned with the portfolio of things which enables managing and leading ICT as a business as well as efficient and effective delivery of business and client benefits at optimal ICT cost and risk.

We achieve this through transforming ICT capability holistically through bite size and continuous implementation. This ensures early and continuous benefit realisation as well as stakeholder buy-in.

Project/program Management:

We have a team of highly skilled program managers and project managers who are ready to manage your programs and projects using tried and tested methodologies. Our approach is one of equipping project teams with critical information required to optimise project delivery and ensure successful project execution.

Our tools enable the project team to collaborate seamlessly regardless of the location of individuals. We are equally equipped to perform project/program management of client projects/programs on client sites, as well as in-sourcing entire projects. We manage projects in line with various methodologies i.e. Prince2, Agile, Waterfall etc.

Project Management Office (PMO) services:

Our vast experience with PMO’s equip us to offer a range of services in this regard, e.g.

  • Setting up new PMOs
  • Re-engineering existing PMO processes
  • Development of custom project management methodologies
  • Remote administering of client PMOs
  • Project/portfolio Management Automation

Project process facilitation:

Our clients frequently make use of our expert project management facilitation skills to drive out specific project agendas. These include amongst other things:

  • Project initiation workshops
  • Project/Milestone planning
  • Risk management planning
  • Benefits tracking
  • Lessons Learnt
  • Etc.

Our skilled facilitators will ensure that your project processes deliver the desired outputs to take the projects forward.

Project health checks and recoveries:

Our clients frequently engage us to perform project health checks on specific projects that may be running off the rails. Our standard approach takes into account the client’s organisational standards as well as softer project issues to report on the exact state of health of a project or program, along with recommended recovery actions. This is submitted to the client for action.

In certain cases, clients task QLC with the recovery task, i.e. taking ownership for implementing the recovery plans.

Maturity Assessments:

We have developed tried and tested methodologies to perform client project management and PMO maturity assessments. These typically start off with some surveys that serve to highlight the obvious problem areas. This is then followed up by target interviews of stakeholders, after which a maturity rating is delivered with detail motivations.

Our deliverables include an assessment of the target maturity rating, with an action plan to move the organisation to the desired maturity rating.

 Project & program management mentoring and coaching:

This service is inevitable due to the vast experience of our project professionals. We can structure a mentorship and coaching arrangement according to client needs. We are also in a position to provide on-the-job training, which often serves to complement formal off-site training courses.

Our services include full service, or individual resource solutions based on the client need, or resource required to satisfy the most flexible business models.

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