Change Management

Change management focuses on managing the people side of change to achieve the required business goals. Change management incorporates the organizational techniques that can be utilized in order to drive individuals to make effective personal transitions resulting in the adaption to change.

The change management process is the sequence of steps that we take to apply change management to ensure the project meets its intended outcomes:

  1. Assessment
    Information about the company such as the company culture, history and employees. This gives us the information we need in order to predict any challenges that may occur as a result of the changes taking place.
  1. Communication
    Ensure that everyone involved is aware of the changes that will be taking place, the reason for the changes and how they will be implemented.
  1. Change Management for Managers
    A strategy is put in place to properly equip the managers to assist in implementing the change and encouraging employees to embrace the change ad cooperate.
  1. Training and Delivery
    Employees are provided with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed.
  1. Resistance Management
    Resistance from management and employees is expected but can threaten the project. It can however be easily understood, addressed and resolved.
  1. Feedback and Corrective Action
    Feedback from employees in this regard is very important and must be analysed so that any necessary corrective action can be taken.
  1. Recognising Success
    Successful implementation but be recognized and celebrated. Individuals must be awarded for their efforts and continuation of the changes must be monitored.
  1. After-Project Review
    At this point we can stand back and evaluate the successes and obstacles that were faced. A change management system is applied effectively in order to ensure success and avoid any negative impacts.

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